God Wants You to Say “No” to Many Good Things — A Quote by Thomas R. Kelly in “A Testament of Devotion”

“The Divine Lover loving within me cannot accomplish its full intent, which is universal saviorhood, within the limits of three score years and ten. But the Loving Presence does not burden us equally with all things, but considerately puts upon each of us just a few central tasks, as emphatic responsibilities. For each of us these special undertakings are our share in the joyous burdens of love…”

“In the foreground is the special tasks, uniquely illuminated, toward which we feel a special yearning and care… But in the background is a second level, or layer, of universal concern for all the multitude of good things that need doing. Toward them all we feel kindly, but we are dismissed from active service in most of them. And we have an easy mind in the presence of desperately real needs which are not our direct responsibility. We cannot die on every cross, nor are we expected to.”

— Thomas R. Kelly in “A Testament of Devotion”, p 83

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