God Loves You through the Bumpy Journey — A Quote by Stasi Eldredge in “Becoming Myself”

“When we have a change of heart on the inside, it manifests itself on the outside. But you and I both know by now that most of our healing and changing doesn’t happen at the moment of our conversion. We walk it out. God invites us into a process. Our journey to get there takes place in the day in and day out of the dusty and gritty here and now. And it is to the dusty, gritty here and now that Jesus comes… Jesus’s love for me, my Father’s love for me, never changes. Yeah, okay, fellowship may be strained at times, but his heart toward me does not change. He is passionately in love with me. Even better, I think he likes me. And by the way, he’s got a pretty huge thing for you, too. Yes, you.”

— Stasi Eldredge, “Becoming Myself”, Kindle locations 144-149

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