Faith Sometime Requires Commitment Before Having Outward Confirmation — A Quote by Elaine Heath in “The Mystic Way of Evangelism”

“Even if she [Phoebe Palmer] never felt any religious emotion for the rest of her life, she wrote, she resolved to walk by faith and ‘hold on in the death struggle.’ To demand an affective experience as proof of sanctification was tantamount to the sinful Pharisees demanding another sign in order to believe the words of Christ… Palmer would indeed feel religious emotion in the future, including the profoundly healing assurance of God’s love. She would come to experience the presence of God in numerous ways, including visions, dreams, and spiritual combat, and she would preach and teach with so much power that more than twenty-five thousand people would enter ‘the way of holiness’ through her ministry.”

— Elaine Heath, “The Mystic Way of Evangelism”, page 62

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