I began writing articles on this blog in 2005 when I wrote my first book dealing with the life of faith. Since then, I have tried to share with my readers ideas that will help them walk more intimately with God, most of which were gleaned by delving deeply into various passages of the Bible while at the same time seeking God for understanding.

Section 1: Foundational Articles for Growing Strong in Faith

In the many articles that we have written through the years, a few stand out as ones that seem to be essential as building blocks for faith. The links below will take you to the pages, so that you can read the article in its entirety.

This article is intended for someone who is either searching for the existence of God, or who is just at the beginning stages of exploring faith.

The most important thing for helping us love God is to be able to really know at a deep heart level how much God loves us.

Sometimes “religious” people make walking with God seem too difficult for us, sometimes by making it seem like we’re not Jesus’ kind of people. Sometimes we can make it too difficult for ourselves. But Jesus keeps it simple. He wants you to find a deep friendship with him, starting today.

In order to become intimate with God, we need to be able to not only talk to God, but to hear God when He talks to us. This article has a number of suggestions to help us learn to listen better to God.

The life of faith is not that complicated, yet it is easy to lose balance in our walk with God or to have other difficulties sidetrack us. By maintaining these ten areas in our life, we should be on a sustainable path of life-long growth in our walk with God.

At some point in each of our lives, we feel let down by God or downright angry at God. It can cause us to not trust God, and can really put our faith on hold if we get stuck here. This article is designed to help us get a fuller and healthier perspective on these things, so that we can once again draw close to God and walk with Him.

Section 2: General Articles for Encouragement in Faith

Sharing my favorite verses from the Bible that reveal how I’m wired and how I’m motivated to walk with God throughout my days on earth.

God has given all of his followers light to shine into darkness, but he wants us to practice shining it. If we want more light to shine, then we need to spend more time with God.

A fresh look at a popular Old Testament passage, explaining how God uses prayer to change things, and how a God wants us to have a positive outlook (i.e., faith) when we pray.

The latest “honor movement” in the Church is one that treats each person with inherent dignity and respect, valuing their God-given talents and potential. This article focuses on the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.

I recently experienced a breakthrough in seeing God the Father as my Dad. I share some Scriptures that God used to help me get this breakthrough, including the story of the Prodigal Son and his loving Dad.

Series on Making Your Life Count

Beginning of the series, with a focus on the idea that each of us was hand-crafted by God.

Challenges us to “make the most of every opportunity” (Ephesians 5) by not only seizing the moment but strategically planning.

Think outside the religious box! God wants his people in every sector of society, so that he can bless all people.

God will speak to us about our destiny if we will take time to listen. He often challenges us to think bigger than we would feel comfortable to do on our own.

Boldness and faith are very closely related. Many of us are faithful, but not bold. Let us stir up our hearts to pray bold prayers and attempt bold things!

When we dream, we often think of ourselves in isolation to the rest of the Body of Christ. Here, we are reminded of important ideas: we can carry out our destiny as part of a team; we can learn and grow, so are not limited by what we have now; and we must overcome obstacles, including failures along the way.

***** End of the “Making Your Life Count” series *****

Why reading the Bible as a love story makes logical sense.

When reading a book such as the Bible which spans millenia and has many different authors, in order to make coherent sense of it, we need to have some overarching story.


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