Don’t Look for Error in Everything, Look for God in Everything — A Quote by John Crowder in “Ecstasy of Loving God”

“A manifestation may be inconceivably crazy, but if there is glory on it, don’t touch it. The Scriptures say that David ‘frolicked’ before the Ark of the Covenant, ushering the glory of God back into Jerusalem from Obed Edom’s house. He literally danced the clothes off his own back. But when his wife Michal saw the king rejoicing in such an ‘undignified’ manner, she criticized him. And for this, she became barren (see 2 Sam. 6). One of the number one ways we encounter spiritual barrenness is by criticizing another’s spiritual experience…

There are many people just itching to disprove something. Instead, John’s admonition was positive and optimistic: he wanted us to constantly be looking for God in every situation, testing spirits to see if they are bringing something of value from Him… They try to disprove and cast out everything. If you go looking for devils, you will find them. They really are behind every bush. But if you are always focused on devils, you will miss God in the process… Instead of trying the spirits ‘whether they be of God,’ we have tried the spirits whether they be of the devil.”

— John Crowder, “Ecstasy of Loving God”, Kindle location 2807

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