Devotion to God

What is devotion to God? Quite simply it is dedication; single-heartedness; deep, abiding love; passion — not for the concept of God, but for God as a person, if you will, a being, one who lives and who speaks with and interacts with us.  Devotion to God is the essence of holiness, which means being set apart for God.

WorshipperTrue devotion to God leads to sanctification — it leads us to live a life that reflects our hearts — demonstrated through holy and righteous living.  However, the focus of devotion is not on our outward performance but on God in an intimate relationship characterized by walking with and listening to the heart of God.

As I have prayer-walked each Sunday for the last 13 months, praying for a spiritual transformation to take place in this country, it became obvious that part of that transformation had to take place within the Church.  The Bride is to be pure and spotless, devoted to the Bridegroom.  Yet the level of purity and devotion that such a worthy Bridegroom deserves is not yet apparent in the Bride.  So part of the prayer has been for God to help the Bride grow into a suitable partner for the Bridegroom.

Our role as part of the Bride is to do our best to make ourselves ready.  The means that we fan into flame our passion for Jesus.

Passion and devotion require focus.  In our ever-increasingly busy world that is made more distracted by rapidly growing telecommunications — information being pumped at us, vying for our attention, keeping us up late at night and getting us up early — finding focus for anything at all, but especially focus on walking in intimacy with God, is very hard.

Quality time with God is important, but you cannot achieve quality time without setting aside some quantity of time. I want to present ideas for both having a sufficient quantity of time as well as a growing quality of time.

The issue of quantity of time has two aspects that are complementary.  Probably in response to the instruction in 1 Thessalonian 5:17 — “pray continually” — we are challenged to be constantly aware of the Lord’s presence and to dialog with Him, as was most famously presented in Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God.  The other side of the coin is learning to carve out and defend some time in which we can be more attentive in talking and listening to God.

In regard to quality of the time, most of us need continued help and encouragement in regard to being able to listen to God and a related idea, discerning whether what we heard was really God.

Because I have been convinced that devotion is such a critical component in transforming the Bride, I have decided to include as a main focus of support and encouragement for those among us who would like to grow in devotion and who would like to band together with like-minded believers to enhance our focus on God.

I would welcome short guest-posts from my readers who are like-minded in wanting to grow in devotion to God and who have some practical suggestions on things that they have tried and seem to be working for them.

Together we can fan into flame a pure-hearted devotion to God that might just change the course of a nation and of history!

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