Defending the Status Quo Risks Failing to Follow God’s Ordained Change — A Quote by Brian McLaren in “A New Kind of Christian”

“The dangers of transition are real. But are the dangers of the status quo less real? The risk of digging in our heels and resisting change… [is] the highest risk… The lowest available risk that I see is the risk of journeying on in faith. You see, I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe Jesus meant it when he said the Spirit of God would be with us, guiding us, to the very end… I believe that he is the wind in our sails, leading us into the change, because that’s his way. He always moves ahead. He’s not taking us back into the past… He has a purpose he is working toward, and I want to keep up with him. I suppose that’s my greatest fear, not that I’ll go too fast or too far but that I’ll lag behind.”

— Brian D. McLaren, “A New Kind of Christian”, p 42

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