Declare Who You are, Even Before the Evidence is There — A Quote by Steve and Wendy Backlund in “Igniting Faith in 40 Days”

“An apple tree will produce apples because of what it is. When it is young, it will have no apples; but it still must say, ‘I am an apple tree.’ When it is winter and there are no apples; it still says, ‘I am an apple tree.’ Is it lying at those times? No. It would be lying to say anything different. Many Christians have a hard time saying who God says they are when no fruit is manifesting in that particular area. Could they be too young in that truth to be fruitful? Could they be in a season where that dimension of the Christian life is being pruned back for future growth? Either way, it does not mean they are lying when they say, ‘I am anointed, prosperous, delivered, healed, righteous, strong etc.’ Joel 3:10 says, ‘Let the weak say I am strong.’ We don’t deny the fact of weakness, but we focus on the greater truth that we are strong in Him.”

— Steve and Wendy Backlund, “Igniting Faith in 40 Days”, Kindle location 242

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