Christ-Honoring Governance Seeks to Help the ‘Least of These’ – A Quote by Paul Manwaring in “What on Earth is Glory”

“Do the nations demonstrate that they see the glory of God in their people, in one another? In particular, do they practically provide for their basic human needs, including food, water, warmth, health, and freedom? Did honor flow to the least in a tangible manner? When the Son of Man returns, He hopes to find nations who have been discipled by the Church in the goodness of God, demonstrated in that they cared for the lives of their citizens, particularly the most helpless and those who have forfeited many of their rights (prisoners)…”

“Whatever else we are doing, we are not discipling nations unless we are teaching them to recognize the presence of Christ in all people, especially ‘the least,’ by meeting their basic human needs. Christ has called His governors to lead the nations toward Heaven’s system of values by teaching them to help the helpless.”

— Paul Manwaring, “What on Earth is Glory”, Kindle location 2901, 2913

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