Changes for in 2015

Thanks to the teaching of Michael Hyatt, I took to heart the importance of reviewing the past year and goal-setting for the new year. One of the things I realized is that I was spending too much of my limited free time looking for new verses and new quotes to post on weekends, which was giving me virtually no time to write. And writing about walking intimately with God is what is not only on my heart, but what I’m called to do.

So one of the changes for 2015, starting next week (it took me a few weeks to get this set up) is that I will auto-post previous favorite verses and favorite quotes on Saturdays (like I do for Monday to Friday) on Facebook and Twitter, and just post new verses and quotes manually on Sundays. I didn’t want to quit posting new things entirely, since I come across really good things all the time that I want to share! But this frees up some time on Saturday morning, and so I hope to post more original writings then.

The other thing I wanted to do is to communicate better about the heart of God. One thing I did in 2014 is to go through the Harmony of the Gospels with Kalos, a youth ministry I am part of. The Harmony of the Gospels is a chronological reading of the life of Jesus, trying to integrate what is found in the four Gospels. You can read what I developed so far in the “90 Days with Jesus” tab in the menu of

In planning for 2015, I realized that we were reading the Harmony of the Gospels too quickly for me to develop the kind of comments and devotions that properly brought out the heart of God. So one of the focuses of my writing in 2015, and a plan that will probably take well into 2016, is to develop an even nicer devotional for the Harmony of the Gospels that I can publish either as an e-book or a printed book. You, however, can read it first, right here on, as I end up writing one post at a time.

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