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God Is Overwhelmed with Your Beauty — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Passion for Jesus”

“How do you think God sees you? Do you cringe at the thought? God’s estimation of your beauty comes from his great love for you — not a result of any inherent goodness or beauty of your own… How the Lord longs for His church to receive a revelation of His ravished heart — utterly overwhelmed with delight for us… How His heart aches for us to become aware of His fascination with our beauty and respond to His yearning glance (Ps. 45:11).”

— Mike Bickle, “Passion for Jesus”, p. 97

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Letting Your Heart Go to Truly Follow Jesus is Risky but Worth It — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Passion for Jesus”

“You can’t sit under the shade tree forever. Come and leap mountains and skip hills with Me. I know you love Me. But will you love Me enough to help release others from bondage and bring them into deep, affectionate relationship with Me, even though such life is inconvenient, risk and self-sacrificing?”

— Mike Bickle, “Passion for Jesus”, p. 111, writing on Song of Songs 2:10

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You Ravish God’s Heart! — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Passion for Jesus”

“God is not some mystical, nebulous force that loves the masses but not individuals, who love is focused on vast populations but not on a single person. You serve a deeply loving, passionate God whose heart is ravished by the beauty of your sincere, devoted heart. You are so beautiful to Him that you take His breath away!”

— Mike Bickle, “Passion for Jesus”, pp 133-134

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A Distorted View of God Leads to a Malnourished Faith — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Passion for Jesus”

“The greatest problem in the church is that we have an entirely inadequate and distorted idea of God’s heart… To achieve long-term renewal and freedom we must change our ideas about who God is… In your most private thoughts, what do you believe God’s personality is like? For instance, if you are a sincere believer and you stumble in sexual sin, your heart is broken and you cry out to God. But how does God feel about you right then? The second truth we must know to be free is, who are we in God? A church that has lost the knowledge of the incredible personality of God will be shallow, bored, and passionless.”

— Mike Bickle, “Passion for Jesus”, pp 13-14

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Doing the Will of God Brings Deep Joy and Fulfillment — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Passion for Jesus”

“Some people think the will of God is always hard, but that’s not true. The will of God is good, satisfying and perfect (Rom. 12:2). We find tremendous pleasure, fulfillment and joy in the will of God. On the other hand, there are times when we must say no to the desires of our flesh, times when our own carnal passions conflict with the will of God. At such times, we must deny ourselves.”

— Mike Bickle, “Passion for Jesus”, p. 115

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To be Holy, Behold God, Don’t Strive in Self-Effort — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Passion for Jesus”

“Sanctification and transformation come from beholding — not from striving! I jumped through every religious hoop I could find, but it wasn’t until I began to behold that my heart was transformed.”

— Mike Bickle, “Passion for Jesus”, p. 183

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God Cheers but Satan Accuses — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Passion for Jesus”

“We see our failures and shortcomings, and we think God is against us, accusing us and condemning us. The devil has deceived us, leading us to attribute to God what is true of himself. Satan, not God, is the accuser of the brethren. God is our affirmer — our encourager. He believes in our sincere desires to obey Him more than we do and calls us forth in ways we would never dream. He says, ‘I love you! I have passionate affections for you! I will transform a fervent, immature maiden into My reigning, mature bride.'”

— Mike Bickle, “Passion for Jesus”, p. 114

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God Enjoys Your Heart Even When You Fail — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Passion for Jesus”

“I had been living under crushing condemnation, struggling under the painful misconception that God had judged me by my attainments and thus rejected me. Yet, while I had been focusing on my lack of mature attainment, God had been looking at my sincere intentions…”

“The Father-heart of God was… thrilled with me — an immature, mess-making spiritual infant… My heavenly Father was enjoying me while I was yet in the process of maturing, not sighing in disgust and waiting impatiently until I grew up. He loved and longed for me; He felt proud and was excited over me while I was falling short.”

— Mike Bickle, “Passion for Jesus”, p. 42

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Seek to Know God’s Love for You, Then You Will Have Passion for Him — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Passion for Jesus”

“We will never have more affection or passion for God than we understand He has for us. We will never be more committed to God than our understanding of His commitment to us.”

— Mike Bickle, “Passion for Jesus”, p. 98

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