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Confidence from God’s Love Overcomes Fear of People — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Loving God”

“A focus on Jesus ultimately leads us to an increased knowledge of His heart of affirmation for us. This is absolutely vital. As important as human affirmation is, it is woefully inadequate without God’s affirmation of us. When we are secure and confident in God’s love, we grow out of our fears related to how people receive and treat us.”

— Mike Bickle, “Loving God”, Kindle location 828

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People were Designed to Sacrifice out of Love — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Loving God”

“God designed the human soul to be passionate and committed. This is the only way that we can function to our fullest. Without abandonment to God, our hearts sink into restlessness, boredom, and frustration. We must have something in our lives that is worth giving everything up for. God intended our souls to be fascinated with Jesus. Our highest development and greatest fulfillment lie in worshiping and serving Jesus with all our heart… IF WE HAVE NOTHING TO DIE FOR, THEN WE HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR.”

— Mike Bickle, “Loving God”, Kindle location 333

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The Person of Jesus Alone Can Satisfy Our Hearts — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Loving God”

“People who are born again do not automatically have a sense of the nearness of God. Effective ministry produces a satisfaction that comes through helping others and being useful in God’s kingdom, but it is not the same as the satisfaction that comes from encountering God in our inner man. The Holy Spirit may give spiritual gifts to believers and release His power through us, but these things do not ultimately satisfy the desire in our hearts for more of God… You alone can satisfy the longing of my heart, Jesus. All I want is more of You. Let me live my life in intimacy with You.”

— Mike Bickle, “Loving God”, Kindle location 823

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Special Reward to Those Who Truly Set Themselves Apart for Jesus — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Loving God”

“Jesus Christ loves the world and He loves the church, but there’s a special bread He feeds those who love Him in private. There’s a divine manna He reserves for those who extravagantly waste themselves in His presence. How do you waste your life on Jesus? Easy. It’s no secret. Make the decision in your mind, and your heart will catch up. Get in His presence. Reject sin. Cry out to Him in prayer. Lift your soul to Him in worship. Read and meditate on the Word until your heart is filled with the things that fill God’s heart. Utterly abandon yourself to Him, for intimacy with God takes time, and there is no substitute for waiting in His presence.”

— Mike Bickle, “Loving God”, Kindle location 918

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Listen to the Voice of Truth to Know Who You Are — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Loving God”

“You do not have to listen to the voice of the accuser that may come through your spouse, your children, your parents, or your best friends. In fact, they may call you everything else. They may even define you by your weaknesses, flaws, and failures, but remember, you are not defined by the areas with which you struggle. You are defined as one who loves God and one whom God loves. That is the essential definition of your life.”

— Mike Bickle, “Loving God”, Kindle location 970

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Friendship with God Stirs a Life-long Passion — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Loving God”

“God, You — the Creator of all heaven and Earth — are really my friend! Your friendship causes a rush of excitement in me. I am filled with such great love for You, and I will spend my life loving You more and serving You with all that I am and have… My heart overflows with love for You, dear Jesus. There is no one on Earth who loves me as You do. I have so much to thank You for, and I give my life to serving and loving You because of what You did for me. ”

— Mike Bickle, “Loving God”, Kindle locations 109, 176

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A Prayer for Greater Revelation of God’s Love, Which We Need in Order to Love Him More — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Loving God”

“‘My heavenly Father, I am so hungry to have more and more revelations of Your wonderful love for me. Your love overwhelms me and fills my heart with the hope of growing closer and closer to You each day. I hunger for more and more of You…’ It is the revelation of God’s passionate affection for us that awakens ever-deepening feelings of love and passion for Him.”

— Mike Bickle, “Loving God”, Kindle location 35, 47

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Even One Encounter with God Changes Us — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Loving God”

“No one can come face-to-face with what God is like and ever be the same. Seeing the truth about His personality touches the depths of our emotions, which leads us to spiritual wholeness and maturity. Lord, there is nothing I want more than to experience a growing, ever more intimate relationship with You.”

— Mike Bickle, “Loving God”, Kindle location 13

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God Enjoys Us Even When We Slip Up — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “The Pleasures of Loving God”

“God will enjoy us while we are immature. The knowledge of this is a vital key to turning sincere desire into spiritual maturity. We must not confuse God’s enjoyment of us while we are maturing with His approval of every desire of our lives. Jesus enjoys me, while at the same time He disapproves of a single area of struggle in my life. It is not an all-or-nothing relationship. Some think that God either approves of all we do or disapproves of us entirely. This is simply not correct.”

“God loves and enjoys me while correcting me in various areas of my life. We must not confuse His correction with rejection. When He does correct me, it is because He loves me… Our spiritual health and maturity depend upon knowing that God enjoys us, for it addresses the fear of rejection within our hearts. The fear of rejection and the trauma of shame are the most powerful emotions in the human spirit.”

— Mike Bickle, “The Pleasures of Loving God”, p 110

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Passionate Lovers of Jesus Will Draw the Lost — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “The Pleasures of Loving God”

“Lovesick, captured people live differently. This holy lovesickness is serious, and its implications will create a massive disruption wherever the lovesick bride goes…”

“One part of the globe will follow them because nothing is more attractive than a heart on fire for the Son of God. Unsaved multitudes will come into the harvest when they see lovesickness burning brightly in human beings. The people to be harvested will at first look at the church and say, ‘We want something to die for!’ As a lovesick contingency emerges worldwide, those who are on fire for the Son of God will bring in the harvest, and the explosive power of the ingathering of souls will awaken the church. The fire they see in us will draw [them]… They will be intrigued, mystified and wooed by it. They will follow it and give themselves to it. They will become lovesick themselves.”

— Mike Bickle, “The Pleasures of Loving God”, pp 78-79

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