Call Out the Masterpiece You See in Others — A Quote by John Burke in “Mud and the Masterpiece”

“Jesus not only pictured this Masterpiece in every encounter, he called out the Masterpiece. He pointed out the true identity of people that God wanted to reveal by chipping away everything that wasn’t the image he imagined. We must learn to do the same… God wants his followers to call out the valuable uniqueness God created, so people will identify with their Creator…”

“Think of all the ways to call out God’s image in those who don’t know Christ by complimenting those who govern well as they manage others, or acknowledging those who do their work with excellence, or encouraging those who take seriously the justice and integrity God created them to display, or telling those who care about the earth that their desire is God honoring. This simple calling out of the Masterpiece can begin the process of a person identifying with the God of Jesus.”

“We should be shining a bright light on the most important aspect of God’s image deposited in every human—our ability to love! Love is the most important aspect of the image of God in us. God created us for himself—not just as an Artist, but as a Lover, as a Father, as a Mother, as a Friend (he uses every human analogy to describe what he desires)! In every loving act, and in every experience of love, people reveal the image of the Artist.”

“Yes, humans are totally depraved in every aspect of our being, but that doesn’t mean God’s good image is gone. It’s still there, sometimes shining through the cracks in the mud, waiting to be revealed in Christ!”

“Imagine if Christians became known as ‘the most encouraging, creative, loving, life-inspiring people I’ve ever met.’ What if people far from God said about you, ‘I want to be around him because he calls out the best in me’?”

— John Burke, “Mud and the Masterpiece”, Kindle location 910, 978, 1126, 1140, 1146, 1148, 1150

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