Be Passionate! Set Yourself Apart for God — A Quote by Thomas R. Kelly in “A Testament of Devotion”

“Let me talk very intimately and very earnestly with you about Him who is dearer than life. Do you really want to live your lives, every moment of your lives, in His Presence? Do you long for Him, crave Him? Do you love His Presence? Have you set yourself to be His, and only His, walking every moment in holy obedience? We have too long been prim and restrained. The fires of the love of God, of our love toward God, and of His love toward us, are very hot. ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and soul and mind and strength.’ Do we really do this? This life, this abiding, enduring peace that never fails, this serene power and unhurried conquest over the world, is meant to be ours.”

— Thomas R. Kelly in “A Testament of Devotion”, pp 95-96


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