Ask for More Glory and to Know God More Intimately –A Quote by Paul Manwaring in What on Earth is Glory”

“At the birth of the Old Covenant, only one man [Moses] asked for yada, but in the New Covenant, Christ tells all of us to ask, seek, and knock, for our Father will gladly give Himself, His Spirit, to any who ask (see Luke 11:13)…”

“He wants us to know Him—to encounter Him, to live in His presence, and to invite Him to express Himself through requests for more. Requests for more are not to be one-time events, nor something that we mature out of asking for, but a way of life. The posture of asking for more is, in my observation, a crucial element in continuing to flow with a move of God. We keep asking, and He keeps showing up. The outpouring of the Spirit is an expression of relationship. Will you join Moses and boldly ask for more? ‘Show me Your glory.’ No matter what you’ve seen, whether great or little, there is more.”

Paul Manwaring, “What on Earth is Glory”, Kindle locations 541-545

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