A Healthy Relationship is about Building and Protecting Connection — A Quote by Danny Silk in “Keep Your Love On”

“Do you want to win the battle between fear and love in your relationships? You can start by making these two fundamental commitments: It’s my job to control myself. I do not get to control other people. My number-one goal and priority in relationships is building and protecting connection… After making these commitments, you will need to acquire several skill sets in order to follow through with them. First… you need to be able to communicate love consistently in ways that people can hear and receive…”

“As you manage your love toward others and pursue the goal of connection, you will need feedback so you can understand how you’re affecting them and identify where you need to make adjustments. You will also need to offer the same kind of feedback to them. This is where the second skill set for building connection comes in—communication… Healthy communication is all about providing someone with honest, relevant information about how their behavior is affecting your life… It is about trusting them to do whatever they need to do to protect and nourish your connection and letting them know that you will do the same.”

“The third and final skill set you need in order to control yourself and pursue the goal of connection… is a new plan for dealing with the things that threaten your connections.”

— Danny Silk, “Keep Your Love On”, Kindle location 628, 633, 650-651, 658

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