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Confidence from God’s Love Overcomes Fear of People — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Loving God”

“A focus on Jesus ultimately leads us to an increased knowledge of His heart of affirmation for us. This is absolutely vital. As important as human affirmation is, it is woefully inadequate without God’s affirmation of us. When we are secure and confident in God’s love, we grow out of our fears related to how people receive and treat us.”

— Mike Bickle, “Loving God”, Kindle location 828

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What if Jesus Wasn’t a Big, Fat Liar, Nor Just Plain Crazy?

Jesus is too important to be fuzzy-headed about. Around a billion people claim to follow him (Christians) and for that matter, another billion people claim that he was at the very least a great prophet (Muslims). There’s probably an additional billion or more people who claim to at least have heard about him and show some kind of respect for him.

jesus-and-child-featured-589x295But perhaps the earliest sources known to record the life of Jesus, the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John found in the New Testament of the Bible, report that Jesus made some incredible claims. He said he was

  • God’s only begotten son (John 3:16)
  • One who was also God (John 5:18, John 8:58, John 10:30-33, John 12:44-46, John 14:6-9, Mark 14:61-62, John 20:28)
  • The only way to God (John 14:6)
  • One who could forgive sins
  • That he would save anyone who believed in him — and that everyone else was condemned (john 3:16-18)

We all have heard of people who claimed to be God. And we treat those people as not being mentally competent. But if someone ever seemed to be mentally competent and made that claim, then we would probably ask ourselves, “What’s the gimmick? Why are they staging such a scam?”

So, was Jesus a scam artist — a big, fat liar? He seemed to be selfless, not getting anything out of proclaiming his message. I mean, he was killed at a young age because of his message. And his followers, instead of shutting up, proclaimed Jesus as God and Savior — and all but one lost their lives for proclaiming this! Certainly if it was all a scam, at least one of them would have told the truth to save his own life.

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Pray for Someone by Seeing Them Wrapped in God’s Light — A Quote by J. Brent Bill in “Minding the Light”

“Now I’m not a very good formal pray-er — I don’t do well at closing my eyes and reciting prayers. I’ve always found it hard to set a regular time each day to pray. But I can think passionately about people and their lives. So I do. I begin by imagining them wrapped in God’s loving Light. That’s how I pray — maybe something like that will work for you.”

— J.Brent Bill, “Mind the Light”, Kindle location 1134

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A Fresh Way to Read Your Bible — A Quote by Antonio Baldovinos in “Relentless Pursuit”

“The Bible is so much more than words or instructions for life, although it certainly is that; He is releasing His fragrance, His heart’s very own passion to us as we read. These words are meant to touch our hearts, transform us, and move us into greater realization of His love and a continual encounter of truly knowing Him. We are meant not just to take in the words, but to take in His aroma of love and drink in His nearness.”

— Antonio Baldovinos, “Relentless Pursuit”, Kindle location 216

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