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God Speaks to Us in Our Dreams and Desires — A Quote by Stasi Eldredge in “Becoming Myself”

“God dreams big. And he invites us to dream big with him. God has planted dreams and desires in each one of our hearts, and they are unique to us. Opening up our spirits, our minds, our heart, our imaginations to what we would really like — to even the possibility of wanting — allows the Holy Spirit to awaken parts of ourselves that are in such a deep sleep no dreams are happening… Allow God to access the places in our hearts where dreams and desires are planted. God speaks to us there. About himself. About ourselves.”

— Stasi Eldredge, “Becoming Myself”, Kindle locations 1302, 1311

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Joshuas are being Raised Up to Linger in God’s Presence — A Quote by Antonio Baldovinos in “Relentless Pursuit”

“God is raising up such a hunger on earth that not only are we going to have people like Moses who encounter God face to face, but there will also be Joshuas who are going to stay longer. There is a Joshua generation arising that will linger in His presence. They are not staying longer to get a better strategy or plan for the work that has to get done; they deeply desire to encounter the God of their souls. They are staying longer because they know that when we who are eternal encounter eternity Himself, the I Am, face to face, we will be awestruck by the fulfillment of every longing, desire, everything we were created for, in that place. This gnawing hunger is only sated by God’s touch, and never totally fulfilled. Simply having the merest taste of God or the faintest revelation of Him leaves us knowing there is only One who satisfies, only One who fulfills, only One we’ve been looking for — Him. All other pleasures barely compare to the awesome pleasure of encountering God.”

— Antonio Baldovinos, “Relentless Pursuit”, Kindle locations 249-256

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Honoring Your Spouse is a Gift Given — A Quote by Gary Smalley in “I Promise”

“When one mate shows high honor to the other, the recipient of that honor feels secure in the marriage and responds accordingly by reciprocating in many positive ways… If you choose to look only at your mate’s shortcomings, he or she may not seem to deserve honor. But that has nothing to do with it. Honor is not earned; it’s a gift. It isn’t purchased by your mate’s actions or contingent on your own emotions. You give honor because you choose to give it, whether or not it’s deserved or even wanted. It’s a decision you make. You just do it.”

— Gary Smalley, “I Promise”, Kindle locations 366, 380

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God Ever Faithful to Love You — A Quote by Brennan Manning in “Furious Longing of God”

“The God I’ve come to know by sheer grace, the Jesus I met in the grounds of my own self, has furiously loved me regardless of my state — grace or disgrace. And why? For His love is never, never, never based on our performance, never conditioned by our moods — of elation or depression. The furious love of God knows no shadow of alteration or change. It is reliable. And always tender.”

— Brennan Manning, “Furious Longing of God”, Kindle location 318

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Listen to the Voice of Truth to Know Who You Are — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “Loving God”

“You do not have to listen to the voice of the accuser that may come through your spouse, your children, your parents, or your best friends. In fact, they may call you everything else. They may even define you by your weaknesses, flaws, and failures, but remember, you are not defined by the areas with which you struggle. You are defined as one who loves God and one whom God loves. That is the essential definition of your life.”

— Mike Bickle, “Loving God”, Kindle location 970

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